Cultures and Values

“PDS has always championed safer roads and safer drivers which was instrumental in the merge with the IAM. ”

Road SafetyPDS has always championed safer roads and safer drivers which was instrumental in the merge with the IAM. Consequently PDS and the IAM now have a shared vision which is:

  1. To improve the standards of driving (and riding) on the roads
  2. The improvement of road safety; or Greater road safety; or The promotion of road safety
  3. The administration of a nationally recognised advanced test and training courses

Customer FocusThe culture of any organisation is created from the way people within that organisation behave. A clear and unified culture is crucial to the ongoing success of PDS. We put our customers at the forefront of everything we do. A customer-focused culture is critical in order to achieve - and then sustain - the ability to attract and retain additional customers. Our customers are our stakeholders, existing clients, commercial prospects, not forgetting our staff too.

PDS has a vision to facilitate genuine and lasting improvements in road safety for all road users, aiming to contribute towards the effort to reduce road casualties and encouraging the development and implementation of eco-friendly and carbon-footprint-conscious road users.

Core ValuesAt PDS we have a set of values which will create those behaviours. Working as part of the IAM and adhering to these core values will unite the organisation in a common purpose. These values are:

Togetherness and sharing To promote knowledge sharing, openness and direct, simple relationships among employees to empower teams and foster co-operation.


Employees take pride in all our products and services and are committed to respecting and developing the PDS/IAM brand.


Our employees are passionate about what they do and act promptly to achieve both their personal and organisations goals.


PDS employees work in an ethical, genuine and honest manner.
Hunger to Learn Our staff has the opportunity and the desire to develop and become the best that they can be.
Innovation Employees are encouraged to take the initiative and demonstrate creativity in an effort to develop their entrepreneurship.
Social Value At PDS we are very conscious that it’s not all about business. We have always been aware of the effects of poor driving skills and road safety. Which is why as a not-for-profit provider we are able to channel any commercial surplus to the IAM to be used in local and national road safety initiatives, education and research.

The Environment

EnvironmentPDS recognises its duty of care in terms of environmental issues that are associated with its own activities and its relationships with customers and suppliers. The Institute will actively pursue the implementation of its environmental policy, set objectives and targets and review all elements on an ongoing and annual basis, with reference to our environmental management system and that this shall be documented.

We will endeavour to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and are committed to continual improvement and the prevention of pollution. We are also committed to making staff more environmentally aware and competent and will provide training to this end, as appropriate.