Hartlepool Borough Council Case Study

Background Information

Start date of contract: 1st June 2009 Hartlepool Borough Council 
Name of client: Hartlepool Borough Council
Type of courses provided: NSAC, NDAC, WDU, D4C

Details of services provided

PDS provides access to and utilisation of Atlas for Hartlepool Borough Council (HBC) to schedule clients either online or via telephone who wish to attend NDORS training courses within the Cleveland County Council area. Initially this was for NSAC and NDAC only but WDU and D4C have been added to HBC’s portfolio.

Key implementation issues

The key issue was HBC required additional NDORS courses to be available within Atlas for driving offenders to book and pay for WDU and D4C courses as new driver offender education initiatives within Cleveland came into operation.

Details of service levels

As with other NDORS Courses, HBC required a course booking system that included:

  • A database run on an ‘HTTPS’ secure website
  • Access through User Name and Password which must be at least 7 characters and must be alpha-numeric
  • Users locked out after 3 incorrect attempts at entry
  • Access to user passwords  limited to Administrator Level  only
  • A full audit trail and complete access to individual client status and information available from the point clients are referred to NDORS
  • A Login Report, which tells when any user is logged into the system and when their last action took place.
  • The ability to assign instructors to courses by type i.e. Classroom, Practical, followed by Manual, Auto, Clients Own Car etc. The system also prevents double booking of instructors and allows email confirmation to be sent to an instructor at the touch of a button.
  • Multiple hard-coded letters which search for individual client’s course details and payment date.
  • Colour-coded flagging of whether a client has paid for the course or not

PDS was able to fully meet HBC’s needs as Atlas is an easily scalable and configurable software system which allows additional regions and courses (NDORS and non-NDORS to be added) for each client. The PDS helpdesk was able to turnaround HBC’s request within 2 working days for HBC to commence booking clients on courses.

Lessons learned, innovations and best practice

Atlas needs to remain a scalable and easily configurable software system to allow clients to amend and develop their offer in line with local and national government road safety initiatives. By applying rigorous but flexible control mechanisms within Atlas, HBC would be confident in the knowledge that the new course additions would work from day one.

Allowing HBC to share their experience via the Atlas User Group it gave confidence to other Atlas users that adding courses and/or regions to their portfolio would be a straightforward process that works.